About Paul Wasserman Photography

Paul Wasserman is a Chicago native specializing in Nature and Travel photography. Paul began photography at an early age. Encouraged by family and friends, he borrowed an old folding camera to explore the possibilities. Even then, his favorite pictures were of autumn color, walks in the woods, and trips to places he'd never seen before. His first published pictures appeared in his high school newspaper, and photography has been part of his life ever since. Why photography? "I just love everything about it. For me it's a way of interacting with the world, of making sense and putting some framework to what I see that enchants or intrigues me. Making the technology get what I want helps me focus on what's in front of me, isolating what drew my eye and working out the best way to represent it. What I really strive for, though, is to take things beyond the literal and to capture the feel of a place and arouse the senses. That lets me communicate in a way that I just have no other way to do." He prefers subjects and situations that are unstructured and unfold naturally. "I think some of my best work comes from just dropping into an interesting place or event and allowing surprises to happen. I don't know who else goes to Paris in the middle of winter, but I love the pictures from that trip. Sometimes I'll just visit local events that I haven't been to for years. Photography is what gets me out there and makes me look at everything with new eyes." While he is somewhat influenced by the work of other photographers and artists, Paul finds he is most influenced by what he sees around him. "More and more I am discovering that art and beauty can be found almost anyplace. Learning to communicate: that is what this is all about for me." Paul's work has been published as notecards, fine-arts prints, and in various books, newspapers, and magazines.